Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the red carpet.

Announce the re-opening of anti-freako.blogspot.com !

now that exams are all over,
lets go crazy !

but something's bothering me.
indeed money makes the world go round,
its financial issues which prevents me from staying out all day long.

after all its hard to save up,
its even harder to spend our hard-to-come-by savings.

maaaaaaan, this is tough.

anyway i still have 185 days currently to train as hard as possible,
to make a difference,

to win the north zone championship at least.
i want that hall of fame in the ISH !

well it wun't go easy on myself this time.

firstly, i have to own 3/5's ass in captain ball first.
hhaha all the best yo.

till next time (:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

something new to me.

so glad to be home right now,
indeed home sweet home yeah.

actually wenjie's house was quite awesome,
except the fact that he doesn't like to on the air con.

and we had to survive the hot weather under this fan
that looks like its going to drop anytime.

And, i packed my stuffs to study and laptop,
so i could sign on to msn and chat when im tired.

in the end when we got there.

ivan: eh you guys not studying meh ?

wenjie : oh they all know we not studying, i told you we're studying
so you will come.

yes i was conned to stay over just to play.
and they occupied every com to play dota, including mine !

was pretty much tempted to try just one game.
its hard to resist temptations :o

but i studied quite a lot, or rather i was the only one studying.
kevin, junxi, wei long didnt bring any study materials.

i feel dumb.
haha anyway we stayed up till 6am in the morning,
i was studying most of the time wahaha (:

i only played 2 games which don't last long.

the fan made really weird noises when we're trying to sleep,
sounded like the screws are coming off.

anyway his mum made us study today till 3pm.
which was a good thing because finally nothing can distract me (:

but seriously the hot weather made studying pretty tedious.
and i found out,

we will definately not go hungry at wenjie's house. haha.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

the art of patience.

today's english paper seemed pretty easy,
used quite a lot of colourful words that might

actually help in scoring better.

anyway theres something that
seriously bothering me.

therefore i shall make it clear once again that,
im studying because i want to study,

i want to reach janelle's target ! (:

NOT because i want to compare and make people depress and stuff.
neither do i have the thoughts to win or anything,

i don't even feel like comparing.

a quote from the ping pong show seems right,
where theres competitiveness, there won't be happiness.

so yeah im not comparing.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

stroll with rhythms

whats up guys,
im here to catch my breath after straight few days of
hardcore studying!

and the biggest accomplishment is,
i finished all 6 chapters of physics !

actually its more than just 6 mindmaps,
after every mindmap, accompanies questions on that topic,

MCQS, short answer question and free response questions (:

ivan proudly shout out to all,
his ready for physics!

haha now im going to move on to geography !

major countdown !
still got 1 week to exams !

and 1 month till holiday.
seriously, i cant wait .

totally need a break yo (:

jiayou for tomorrow's english paper,
and of course the super long 'break'

or rather more intensive hours of studying.

at least friday we'll be able to stay up at wenjie's house.
maybe a new environment will be much more productive,

or maybe not? haha.

F9s or A1s ?
who cares,
im glad i studied